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October 27, 2014


Nicky Farms agreed to sell us their incredible Oregon-raised turkeys & I’m elated to offer them to the Paris Grocery family. These turkeys are in limited quantities, so the sooner I get your order the better!!!

Every bird Nicky offers is gluten & hormone-free. All their air-chilled turkeys offer exceptional flavor, the organic turkeys are Auburn Heritage birds. The non-air-chilled turkeys come in a large range of sizes, at a very reasonable price, & are also hormone-free. SEE BELOW FOR ALL THE SPECIFIC DETAILS.

We will receive all the turkeys on Tuesday, November 25th & will be open regular hours, again on November 26th, closed on the 27th for Thanksgiving. You can come in & get all your wine, cheese & meat shopping done at the same time. Tres convenient!

In order to reserve your turkey, we’ll need your name, contact information, pick-up date & payment information. YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED UNTIL YOU PICK UP YOUR TURKEY ON NOV 25TH OR 26TH, but we do need a credit card # to reserve your bird.

Please email with your request, or call the Paris Grocery at 206-682-0679 & speak with either Catherine or Kelsey. We are excited to be a part of your holidays!

A Bientot,
Catherine Reynolds
Nicky Turkeys are air-chilled in the European way; hung over night and naturally cooled in air rather than dunked in chlorinated water. While traditional turkeys take on several pounds of water from the chilling process, our air-chilled turkeys do not. The result is a much more intense turkey flavor. They are raised antibiotic and hormone free. These turkeys are free range birds free of GMOs from an environment that promotes animal welfare.
Size Range: 12-15 lbs. hens
$7.99 LB

These turkeys are raised right here in the Willamette Valley under GAP 4 standards. These Organic Auburn Heritage birds are also air-chilled and are sure to sell out.
Size Range: 13-16 lbs. hens
$8.99 LB

Our most popular bird is a free range turkey, which is also gluten and hormone free. These birds come in a range of sizes – let us know how big you want yours!
Available sizes: 10-12# – 12-14# – 14-16# – 16-18# – 18-20# – 20-22# – 22-24# – 24-26#
$3.99 LB