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October 30, 2014

Bonjour Les Amis!

I hope you are staying warm & dry and that your kitchen is filled with the smell of hearty autumn foods.Boeuf Bourguinon anyone?

Today’s my Friday & I think when I get home tonight, I will light a fire, open a bottle of red, & put my feet to warm by the fireplace. Thanks to all of you who braved the weather & paid us a visit.

A Bientot,
Catherine Reynolds

Tourin à l’ail/ Garlic soup from  A Kitchen in France by Mimi Thorrison

I’m enchanted by Mimi Thorison’s new cookbook. The author of Manger blog, Ms. Thorrison moved to the Medoc with her photographer husband, 7 children & 14 dogs (how does she have time to cook?) Tons of alluring recipes & photographs make this my new favorite cookbook to land on our shelves.

Serves 4

1 whole head of garlic + 2 garlic cloves , thinly sliced
1 onion, finely diced
2 tbsp duck fat (alternatively olive oil)
1 tbsp plain flour
2 eggs (separated)
A few sprigs of thyme
1 tbsp sherry vinegar 
1.2 liters/ 5 cups chicken stock
Sea-salt & black pepper for seasoning

In a large pot, melt duck fat (or olive oil) and fry the onion for 2 minutes.  Add the peeled/ sliced head of garlic and continue frying for 2 more minutes.  The onion & garlic must not brown.  Add flour, stir and pour the chicken stock in the pot.  Bring to a soft boil, season with salt and pepper, add sprigs of thyme.  Cover and leave to simmer for 20 minutes.
In a small frying pan, heat 1 tbsp olive oil and fry sliced garlic until golden and slightly crispy, about 3 minutes.  Drain on paper towel and set aside.
Purée soup using a hand blender, or in batches in a regular blender.  Return soup to pot and switch on medium heat.
Separate eggs.  Beat the egg whites in a small bowl and whisk continuously into the soup.  You should see thin strands in the soup.  Take immediately off the heat.  Whisk egg yolks with vinegar and dilute mixture into the soup, stir constantly to avoid any curdling.  Sprinkle with fried garlic and drizzle with a few drops of olive oil (optional).  Serve immediately with thinly toasted bread (I drizzle olive oil on baguette/ toast and grill for a few seconds or until golden.

Chestnut Veloute from  A Kitchen in France by Mimi Thorrison

Serves 4

3 Tbs unsalted butter
1 white onion, thinly sliced
1 leek, white part only, thinly sliced
2 lbs/900 g peeled cooked chestnuts
Few sprigs fresh thyme
2 Tbs dry white wine
Fine sea salt & freshly ground black pepper
6 cups vegetable stock
1/4 cup creme fraiche
Few fresh chives, finely chopped

In a a large pot, let 2 Tbs butter over medium heat. Cook the onion & leek until softened, about 5 minutes. Reserve 8 chestnuts & add rest to the pot, along with the thyme & wine. Season with salt & pepper & cook for 5 minutes.

Pour the vegetable stock into the pot & bring to a boil. Reduce the heat & simmer for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, coarsely chop the reserve chestnuts. Ina small saute pan, melt the remaining 1 Tbs butter over medium heat & cook the chestnuts until slightly golden, about 3 minutes.

Puree the soup in batches in a blender. Serve topped with creme fraiche, chopped chestnuts & chives.

Recipe Idea: Escargot a la Bordelaise 
Snails in Burgundy are cooked in a parsley butter. Snails in Bordeaux get tossed with sausage, ham, chicken stock, red wine & Piment d’Esplette.  This is the perfect autumn dish. Use a bottle of Chateau Labarthe ($8.99) to sauce your snails.

Jacquin Crottin $6.50 each
We’ve carried other goat crottins, but these take the cake. They remind me of cheese I bought right off a farm–pungent in the best of ways. One whiff will take you back to France. We have these maturing in a dome in our cheese case, or packed individually in our grab & go fridge.

Chateau Labarthe 2012, Bordeaux $8.99
I’ll be the first to admit that this is the type of Bordeaux I’m apt to drink on the daily. Mon dieu, I love the prices on direct-imports! 50% Merlot/50% Cab Franc, this is rich & earthy, full-on peppery with some grit.

Dutch Bakery Siroopwafels 100% Butter $6.49
Dutch Bakery Stroopies Margarine $3.49

STROOPIES ARE BACK! Stroopies are short for Siroopwaffles, a Dutch treat first made in Gouda. Two cinnamon waffle cookies are filled with caramel-flavored syrup. They are made to fit over your coffee or hot chocolate mug–the steam melts the 

filling for a luscious treat. Heavenly! People are elated to find these elusive treats at the Paris Grocery.

Biscoff Cookies $5.49
Biscoff Creamy European Cookie Spread $7.99
Like Stroopies, Biscoff is one of those European treats we get a ton of requests for, yet it’s hard to track down. The chocolate hazenut spread made out of the Speculoos cookie, similar to gingersnaps. Yes, these are spreadable cookies, akin to Nutella but better.  Check out this recipe for Biscoff & Pumpkin Pie Cookie Cups.

Grimaud Farms Rendered Goose Fat $12.99 1 lb
I think it’s a sure sign of the holidays & colder weather coming on–I’ve been getting requests for goose fat lately. Made by the same producers of our duck fat of choice, Grimaud Farms in the San Joaquim Valley raises their birds in humane & natural growing environments. Goose fat is relatively low in saturated fat (28% compared to butter at 50%). Keeps for weeks in the fridge, months in the freezer. I love Nigel Slater’s recipe idea for Goose-fat potatoes with garlic & rosemary.

La Belle Farm Foie Gras $20.99
La Belle Farm is one of 3 producers of Foie Gras in the US, located in Sullivan County, NY. Their team studied in Europe & much attention has been paid to using natural methods & high quality feed. These foie boards contain 2 lobes. So now you have 2 foie options to choose from!

Takuko White Soy Sauce $21.99
This rare Japanese ingredient is exceedingly hard to find, & since I use it, I brought it in for all of us. Clearer & thinner than traditional dark soy sauce, this adds flavor without darkening your dish which is why chefs prize it. Takashi Yagihashi uses it in his recipe for Shoyu Ramen which is one of my favorite ramens to make at home. 

Korean Chile Threads $25.99 lb (ave. container costs <$2)
Ever had ramen with those saffron-like threads on top? Those are Korean chile threads, & I tracked them down for you. Fruity, sweet & mildly spicy, Shilgochu 실고추  add color, texture & a decorative touch. Whose says you need only use them in ramen?

I just got an update on Nicky’s turkeys today’s & some sizes are getting close to selling out (especially the free range for $3.99 lb).  Once again, we will have these here for you to pick up on Tuesday, November 25th & Wednesday, November 26th. I won’t charge you until they arrive, but just require a credit card # to order one for you.NICKY FARMS AIR-CHILLED BROAD BREASTED WHITE TURKEYS 
Nicky Turkeys are air-chilled in the European way; hung over night and naturally cooled in air rather than dunked in chlorinated water. While traditional turkeys take on several pounds of water from the chilling process, our air-chilled turkeys do not. The result is a much more intense turkey flavor. They are raised antibiotic and hormone free. These turkeys are free range birds free of GMOs from an environment that promotes animal welfare.
Size Range: 12-15 lbs. hens
$7.99 LB

These turkeys are raised right here in the Willamette Valley under GAP 4 standards. These Organic Auburn Heritage birds are also air-chilled and are sure to sell out.
Size Range: 13-16 lbs. hens
$8.99 LB

Our most popular bird is a free range turkey, which is also gluten and hormone free. These birds come in a range of sizes – let us know how big you want yours!
Available sizes: 10-12# – 12-14# – 14-16# – 16-18# – 18-20# – 20-22# – 22-24# – 24-26#
$3.99 LB


Sharon just brought in a bunch of wines that were discounted by one of our distributors, which means extra savings for all of us… Limited quantities available.

Calmel + Joseph 2011, St Chinian $13.99 (reg. $14.99)
St Chinian is known for their mild winters and hot dry summers, and big reds. This is hand-picked Syrah (60%) with Grenache (30%) & a touch of Carignan. The schist soil creates deep color & fruit with racy acidity.
“Smells of ripe red fruit. Bright acidity crackling over a mouthful of red berries and raspberry.
Youthful tannins, sleek with a gentle grip. Super fresh. Lightest brush of herbs. Beautifully balanced, a real purity of fruit and line, and very elegant. 17/20 points.” Tamlyn Currin,

Lucien Lardy Les Roches 2011, Fleurie $17.99 (reg. $20.99)
Lucien Lardy is a natural vigneron known for his rich wines. The grantic soil produces wines with minerality & ripeness, as the grapes are kept warm by the rocks. This is 100% Gamay layered with silky minerals. Pair with Cantal & Pate Campagne with black pepper.
“Ripe and structured, this has finely balanced flavors of bitter black cherries and juicy red plums. It has great depth of flavor, and its ripeness and fruitiness will develop over the next few months.” -91 points, Wine Enthusiast

Chateau Moulin Delille 2009, St. Estephe $18.99 (reg.$24.99)
St. Estephe is a small appellation on the West Bank of Bordeaux which means the wines are dominated by Cab. This is a big Bordeaux with plenty of texture & structure and a bargain price tag.
“This is a perfect example of 2009 Bordeaux’s ability to please right off the bat (with some air), or reward the patient among us willing to give this bottling five years in the cellar.” -Ed Schwarz, 4/11