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Le 2 Octobre 2014

 Bonjour Les Amis,There’s so much to tell you about, where to begin?I planted a few seeds last week to provides us with some greens for the winter & was excited to see a few little  heads of arugula popping up.  I was going through the last of our French seed pile & it looks like you can still plant chervil, sorrel & cabbage.My cooking has definitely taken a change in direction…  Fall foods are appearing on our table & reds are replacing rose in the glass. I almost entertained turning on the heat the other night!

Enjoy the bounty that autumn brings & roast a chicken, tout de suite,

A Bientot,



These French plates are absolutely adorable & tres Francais. We have sippy cups, silver ware, plates & bowls, all made in dishwasher-safe melamine.

They go for $3.99 to $13.99. I have limited quantities right now, but will definitely be ordering more.

Our French kids table has Dr. Seuss books, tableware & fun stuff galore. Think baby showers, birthdays & Christmas for enfants français



This is an honest-to-god photo of the roast chicken I came home to last Sunday. My husband, the chef , decided to make the cover recipe in the latest issue of Saveur. When he asked what to serve with it, I said, “Tartiflette of course!”

I was in charge of bringing home some Prefere de nos Montagnes to melt onto our potatoes, some D’Atagnan bacon, & vin of course, Mon dieu, a heavenly Sunday indeed…


Here are some of my favorite roast chicken pairings:

Sagarnoa Basque Cider $12.99
What is one of my favorite memories of France? Eating crepes along a canal with local cider. Sagarnoa is a direct import that I love for a few reasons. This has the cloudy appearance in the glass that I expect, but it’s not nearly as funky as some Basque ciders. The other is the price.  

Domaine Chanteleuserie Cuvee Alouettes 2012, Bourgueil $14.99

A true Kermit Lynch discovery. Chantleuserie is “the place where the larks sing”, outside Bernais in the Touriane. 100% pure Cab Franc racked in foudres, which gives the wine unique supple roundness. The Boucards are careful to keep the grapes cool while destemming which lends unparalleled freshness & acidity. Plum, mulberry & herbs mingle in the delightful red.

Mas Champart Saint Chinian Rosé 2013, Languedoc $16.99
From the west side of the Rhone which is the same side where Tavel wines hail from, this is bright, serious, with savory fruit.  “Saint Chinian Rosé is for Tempier Bandol lovers with Languedoc budgets”

Saint-Cosme Cotes du Rhone 2012, CdR MAGNUMS! $28.99
What’s better than a bottle of St Cosme? A magnum of course! This fabulous Syrah is full of blackcurrants & violets.  From an exceptional vintage…


Jean Foillard “Corcelette” 2011, Morgon $38.00
Please try this amazing wine, now or even five years from now–Gamay heaven! Jean Foillard is is one of Kermit Lynch’s Gang of Four, a group of winemakers who returned to the old practices of viticulture. From 80 year-old-vines, this is rich & layered Cru Beaujolais. Voluptuous & intensely perfumed with pure raspberries & violets.



The macarons from Luv Macarons have been a resounding success, so this week I ordered even more flavors for you to try.

Pumpkin Cheescake
Salted Caramel
French Vanilla


Cremerie Classique Butter $7.25 
I was just at the book-signing for Renee Erickson’s new cookbook last night & this is the butter that Renee recommends using. Perfect timing because right now the FDA has seized our order of Paysan Breton from Brittany. (Who thinks French butter is a threat to our health?)
Cremerie Classique is made by Raven Creamery in Portland, OR, a small dairy employing just 11 people. The company started making the premium butter a couple of years ago at the urging of some French bakers. High butterfat is the key.


Epices Rabelais $8.49
The ‘secret cassoulet seasoning’ of Kate de CamontUnchanged since its creation in 1880, Epices Rabelais is a delicate and finely ground blend of herbs and spices. Add to your beans along with carrots, celery, thyme,& pork rind.



Fabriques Delices Poitrine Salee Ventreche $11.49

People ask us for Lardons all the time. What are Lardons?
Lardons is the French term for small matchstick-cut pieces of bacon or larding fat cut from the belly of pork.
Ventreche is French pancetta, marbled pork belly that’s salt-cured & flavored with pepper & garlic–once you cut this into strips, you have Lardons. You’ll find this stocked in our freezer!


OUI, I managed to get a hold of the importer for Poterie Note Freres because I believe a great French kitchen needs a real Cassole to cook their Cassoulet in… I spoke with the importer in Philadelphia, & while she said she normally doesn’t sell to retail, she said she enjoyed my blog & thought it possible to sell to a Westcoast.retailer. WHOOT! We were offered a mere 5 Cassoles to start, which should be shipping to us soon. I am over the moon to be able to offer you the REAL DEAL.