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May 1, 2014

Bonjour Les Amis!

Happy May Day, a truly French holiday. This week we got a visit from the one & only David Lebowitz who tweeted: “was fun finding your shop by surprise – a bit of Paris in Seattle ~ !” We look forward to stocking his latest cookbook–the reason why he was in town.

We got in two HUGE shipments this week & are ready for you to some in & check us out. Tons of new Duralex glasses & ice cream bowls, and shelves packed with new olive oils, pates, roses, and sweets.

A Bientot,

Sriracha Bloody Mary Recipe from White On Rice Couple
One of the best Bloody Mary’s I’ve tasted was at Doe Bay Cafe on Orcas Island. They use house-infused arugula vodka& include a garnish of pickled sea beans. I was able to find French sea beans or Salicorne & we now sell them!!!

Yield: 1
If you plan ahead, infuse fresh horseradish into the vodka for 5-7 days before hand, otherwise use freshly grated horseradish or creamy prepared horseradish.

2 oz. Vodka
4 oz. Tomato Juice
1/2 oz. fresh Lemon Juice
1/4 t freshly grated Horseradish or Creamy prepared Horseradish *see note above
2 pinches Celery Salt
3 dashes Sriracha Chili (or more to taste)
2 dashes Worcestershire Sauce

1. Combine all the ingredients into a mixing glass.  Add ice and roll the mixing glass to combine ingredients.  This is not a shaken cocktail.
2. Strain into an ice filled glass and garnish.
garnish – Perard Rameaux de Salicorne! or Celery Stalk, Lemon Wedge, Lime Wedge,sweet garlic from Provence, Pickled Green Tomatoes, pickled asparagus, Cherry Tomatoes, Olives (add a little olive juice for a dirty Bloody Mary), Baby Carrots, Cocktail Onions…
Rim with Ghost Pepper Salt

Amora Moutarde de Dijon $2.99
People FREAK OUT over this mustard–it’s so darn French. I was reading how even one NYC Fashionista carts tons of it home in her luggage. Essential for making your fridge French, or a classic vinaigrette.

Officer Smoked Cod Liver Foie de Morue Fume $3.99
The ‘foie gras of the poor’…   Mild with a pate-like consistency. I found a great write up on this on The Primalist who suggests you spread it on toasts, or combine with hard-boiled eggs, shallot, salt & pepper on lettuce for a gluten free option. Foie de morue fumé can be found in just about every grocery store in France.

Biscuiterie de Provence Croquets $6.50
Goat Cheese, Pistou, Nyons Olives, Tomatoes & Espelette pepper

These little crackers are an absolute find. With this gorgeous weather, I have been popping open a bottle of rose & serving these with goat cheese for an aperitif course.

Traou Mad Galettes de Pont-Aven de Caramels au Beurre Sale $6.99
These taste even better than I thought they would… Traou Mad means “good things” in Breton, and these are made with buttery salted caramel. Stick a few of these in a bowl of ice cream & dessert is served.

Duralex Ice Cream Cups $4.50
These sweet Parisian bowls come in pink, marine or clear and are pretty as a picture. Serve sorbet or ice cream with a French twist.

Le Guerandais Sel de Guerande Gris $8.49
Fleur de Sel $9.25

These little linen bags make for sweet gifts & are considered by many chefs to be the best in the world. Both of these hand-harvested salts from Brittany are called the ‘champagne’ or ‘caviar’ of salts. The gray salt has an earthy perfume. The fleur de sel is moist & delicate. This is what the press has to say: “The Flower of Gurande,” whose crystals are skimmed almost individually from the surface of the shallow water in salt pans – only in the evenings, only after the hottest days, only when the breeze is right, and only by women. And it smells faintly of violets.

Artisan Ceramic Salt Cellars $9.99
I sourced these online from an artist in Maine–I knew we needed something special to match our fabulous salt selection. We have 3 springy colors & each bowl is absolutely individual.

Domaine de Pellhaut Harmonie de Gascogne Rose 2013, Gascogne$10.99
I honeymooned in Gascony & fell in love with their affordably delicious wines. The Beraut family makes their living from wine, cattle & sunflowers. Their vineyards are located at 180 meters altitude overlooking the quaint village of Montreal-du-Gers. This is 100% Cabernet that tastes of iced strawberries–my new house rose when I need a break from Cuvee de Lisa.

Louis de Grenelle Corail Rose Brut, Saumur $19.99
It was love at first sip for me. A most unusual sparkling rose, this is made with Loire Valley Cab Franc. I brought a bottle of this with me to Lisa Nakamura’s Gnocchi Bar & wowed my foodie friends. Light, delicate, delicious & elegant in both taste & packaging.