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April 18, 2014

Bonjour Les Amis!We just received our shipment of new rosé! So many delicious choices.. Come in this weekend and check it all out, grab some cheese and pâté, and pick out a celebratory bubbly while you’re at it!

Hand Crafted Salt Cellars $9.99 Each
These adorable clay “pinch bowls” are made by a local artisan in Ipswich, Massachusetts. The salt cellars are made by hand, giving each a unique look. Choose your favorite and pair with one of our varieties of salt!

Pécou River Stones $8.99 5.6 oz
French candies disguised as shiny stones. Each box contains an assortment of dried apricot, marzipan, almond, and chocolate pieces enrobed in a hard candy shell. Fool the kids or display in a bowl as appetizing decor.

Smoked Salmon & Spinach Mousse $19.99 lb 
Easter appetizers made easy. Spread this delightfully creamy blend of smoked salmon, cream cheese, and spinach on toasted French baguette, pair with a crisp white wine, or a festive flute of bubbly, and enjoy!

Violet Syrup $13.99 8.5 oz 
With spring in the air (if you can brave the rain long enough to catch a whiff), why not celebrate with floral inspired fare..
This versatile syrup made in Provence adds a lovely hint of violet to baked goods, icings, and drinks. Use to make French macarons, drizzle over pancakes, add a spoonful to whipped cream for a floral topping, mix with champagne for a springtime kir, or try in the following cocktail..

Violet Daiquiri 
♥  1.5 oz white rum
♥  Juice of two fresh limes
♥  3/4 oz Violette syrup
♥  Ice

Combine all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with plenty of ice. Shake vigorously until cold. Don’t forget  to do a taste test, adjusting the syrup and lime to get a perfect balance of sweet and sour. Strain into a chilled champagne coupe or a chilled martini glass.  Garnish with a lemon wedge or flower petal.

Makes one cocktail.

Bon Weekend & Joyeuses Pâques!

A Bientot,