Queso Gallego is back! Wednesday, Jan 30 2013 

Queso Gallego is back!

An ultimate crowd pleaser! A soft, creamy cow’s milk cheese from Galicia, Queso Gallego quickly oozes when you cut into the wheel. This cheese is a staple on all the tables in Galicia and it’s not hard to see why! It is perfect grilled, served with honey, or just for snacking!

Animal: Cow
Pasteurized: yes
Country of Origin: Spain

JUST IN: FORO EXTRA DRY VERMOUTH made with ALL ORGANIC grapes Thursday, Jan 24 2013 


Ideally suited to be an integral ingredient in fresh and clean cocktails, FORO is an exceptional Extra Dry Vermouth produced with organic grapes grown according to strict standards required for organic certification. This unique recipe calls for aromatic herbs and fine spices that are carefully selected.

Try this Vermouth in many of your favorite cocktails or on its own as a delicious aperitif. Come in to Paris Grocery and pick up a bottle today! $15.99

LE GOUTER DU JOUR: RACLETTE Wednesday, Jan 23 2013 


A raw cow’s milk cheese with a supple texture and full, beefy flavor. Try it melted to make the traditional dish, raclette savoyarde. Come on in today and taste what you’ve been missing! $18.99/lb

Animal: Cow
Pasteurized: no
Country of Origin: France

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Fish Sauce Wednesday, Jan 23 2013 

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Fish Sauce

Today’s NY Times column:

To Taste: Fish Sauce, Treated Like Wine
Count on a mere splash of Asian fish sauce to add subtle depth to all sorts of dishes, sauces and marinades. Now a company called Blis Gourmet has taken batches of Red Boat, a distinctive Vietnamese fish sauce, and barrel-aged them for seven months, yielding a sauce with layers of flavor, hints of smoke and a wide array of uses. Add chopped shallots and you have an intriguing alternative to mignonette for oysters, or let it enhance a vinaigrette for salad or steamed fish.

Come on in to Paris Grocery and pick some up today! $29.95

DUCK CONFIT Tuesday, Jan 22 2013 


Duck Confit has returned to Paris Grocery! We are very excited about this and wanted to let those of you who have be waiting for it know that is back in stock.

Merci Beaucoup et a bientot!

Crazy for Kukulu! Tuesday, Jan 22 2013 

Crazy for Kukulu!

Le Gouter du jour: Kukulu!

A family owned co-operative of Basque cheese makers produce this deliciously smooth, rich and nutty raw milk sheep’s milk cheese. You will find Kukulu on Cheese plates all over Seattle including our favorite restaurant, The Harvest Vine. A must have for your French or Spanish cheese platter!

Animal: Sheep
Pasteurized: no
Country of Origin: France/Basque Country

Paris Grocery now has a Pinterest! Tuesday, Jan 15 2013 

Bonjour tout le monde! Here at Paris Grocery we have just created a Pinterest.  Now you can follow us and be inspired by our photos of France, French culture, wine and cheese all the time.  Suivez-nous pour toutes les petites choses et inspirations francaises! Come visit us at:


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