Happy Halloween! Saturday, Oct 29 2011 

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October 24th, 2011

We’re pretty excited for Halloween here in the shop. It’s a time for make-believe and magic, surprises and costume parties. Oh and Candy. Lots of Candy. If you want something a little more highbrow than candy corn this year, try some of our front-counter indulgences. Shown here are fig-walnut caramels, goatsmilk-buckwheat caramels, salted butter caramels, chocolate truffles, fruit lollipops, caramel lollipops, torrone, and our ever-delicious callisons. 25¢-99 ¢

La Panzanella

Between 2001 – 2007, the NASFT Show named the Croccantini as a finalist in four categories:
Best New Product (2001), Best Cookie/Cracker (2001 and 2002),
Outstanding Best Seller (2002 and 2003), and Outstanding Cracker (2007). We understand why. These crackers are deliciously flakey, not too oily but not too dry, and hold up well under cheeses and dips. We just got in this beautiful display tower, and are happy to be selling their line of large and small croccantini. One of our favorites is the 4 pack of rosemary crackers for 69 cents; it’s the perfect size to eat with a chunk of cheese for a snack!

Tipsy Cocktail Garnishes

Sable and Rosenfeld are dedicated to making cocktails just a little bit better. Their line of ‘tipsy’ garnishes includes Vermouth, Vodka, and Whiskey soaked fruits and vegetables. Which makes them healthy, right?

Tipsy Olives

S&R’s original ‘tipsy’ product, these olives are soaked in Vermouth, making them ideal for a dirty martini.  $4.49

Tipsy Jalepeño Olives

spiked with vodka, these spicy olives deliver a kick! try them in any peppery mixed drink. $6.99

Tipsy Garlic Olives

Vodka again gives these olives their distinct punch. Try them in a Gilroy Martini with a few drops of the garlic-olive juice, or put them on an appetizer plate for a spunky compliment to cheese and crackers.$6.99

Tipsy Cocktail stirrers

These stirrers aren’t alcohol spiked, but we love them anyways. With a pearl onion, red pepper, olive, and pickle on each stick, they make unexpected but delicious garnishes for bloody Marys, and are great as an appetizer either on their own or wrapped in a thinly sliced jambon. $8.99

Tipsy Cherries

Cocktail ready’ long stemmed cherries spiked with Malt Whiskey. Perfect for the classic

Manhattan and the trend setting Vogue Martini. $6.99

Drinks @ PG

$40.00 Chateau de Candale Saint-Emilion Gran Cru 2005

Decanter 4/5 stars. “Very refined and classy nose, helped by excellent oak, great elegance and precision in winemaking, complex tannins…one of the great discoveries of the vintage. The terroir, not far from La Mondotte, is first rate”.

$24.99 Domaine Des Deux Roches Saint-Véran 2009 Rives de Longsault

This delicious white burgundy displays an outstanding balance between richness and minerality. The village enjoys a hilly terrain with mostly clay and limestone soils. The hot climate and small clay rocks in the soil maintain warmth and allow the area to regularly render perfectly ripe grapes. These soils and climatic conditions contribute to the Davayé’s reputation as the heart of quality in the Saint-Véran appellation. Aromas of ripe fruit and white flowers are balanced by notes of citrus. 30% is barrel aged, which lends a creamy butteriness to the delicate, pure flavors. Fresh and round, this is excellent with seafood or poultry in cream sauce.

$12.99 Château Bournet Gaillac 2007

With a spicy, peppery nose and deep garnet color, this gaillac is fruit-forward with persistent notes of black fruit, highlighted by a powerful yet discreet tannic structure. This wine is a great introduction to Gaillac reds, and is a tasty bistro-sipper that pairs well with food.

$10.99 Brasserie Lebbe L’Amalthée

Brasserie Lebbe, located in the very heart of the French Pyrenees, is owned by a Belgian ex-pat cheese farmer and beer enthusiast. Pierre Lebbe doesn’t make his Farmhouse Ale for the masses or even for his neighbor. He makes it for himself to quench his thirst after a long day with his herd of goats. An Organic farmer and goat cheese producer, his self-sustaining farm is powered by natural goat compost and the wind. They grow their own barley for the beer and the spent grains are fed to the lucky goats! Light, pleasantly malty, with flavors of citrus, herbs, and hops. With a production of only 600 bottles/50 cases per month – it’s his hobby, and one of our favorite beers. Rated A- (excellent) by Beer Advocate.


Tou del Til.lers

This new soft-ripened raw cows milk cheese from Catalonia is aged just 3 weeks. Get it while you can as this cheese will not be available much longer. We can’t believe we were able to bring it into this country, as raw cheeses this young are technically illegal to move internationally. Shh! Tros de Sort (favorite of Catalan chefs) is the young artisan cheese maker that produces this creamy springy textured cheese from cows that graze on mountain pastures. This cheese is unpressed in order to retain its creamy texture. The flavors are herbaceous, with notes of walnut, mushroom, and citrus. $28.99/lb $7.25/quarter lb

Bauma Madurat

This soft-ripend goat cheese is velvety rich, mushroomy and moist. The paste is dense with a smooth texture that is creamy and sticky. The intense flavor is nutty with lemon overtones. Think Monte Enebro meets Leonora. $32.99/lb $8.25/quarter lb


“The Prince of Gruyères.” Made from rich Alpine cow’s milk from the Savoie. Hints of grassy sweetness, with a higher butterfat content and a creamier texture than either Gruyère or Comté. Its rich, nutty flavor is somewhat reminiscent of good ham. Has an excellent melting capacity-serve as fondue or with saucisson sec and fruit. Usually $28.99/lb, we’ve got in on sale for only $13.99/lb or $3.49/quarter lb.

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Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you in the shop!


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Salt and oil and vinegar, oh my! Monday, Oct 3 2011 

Paris Grocery News
October 3rd, 2011
The days are getting cooler, the holidays are coming, and our palates are about to be overwhelmed by a season of cake, pie, cookies, and other sweets. We love them of course, but sometimes it seems like the entire world of salty, sour, smoky, and tangy flavors gets overlooked this time of year. This week, we want to talk to you about our amazing variety of salts, oils, and vinegars. The difference in even a simple meal between using basic salts, oils, and vinegars and high quality products is substantial. Quality oils, exotic salts, and special vinegars make beautiful hostess gifts as well. We’re going to start doing oil tastings here at the shop soon, so you can come in a taste the difference!
Les Moulins Mahjoub organic extra virgin olive oil from Tunisia

The secret of Les Moulins Mahjoub olive oil lies in the choice of methods of grinding and pressing the fresh, organic fruit, designed to preserve the full flavor of the olive: crushing time, grinding under cold conditions, use of scourtins (round pressing mats) in natural fibers, selection of oil according to pressing, decantation using a hand skimming process, storage and maturation. The oil is not separated by centrifugation, but by natural decantation. As the oil is lighter, it floats to the top, above the vegetable water, enabling it to be skimmed off. Before bottling, the oil is left to settle and mature for some time until its flavor, odor and acidity are perfect. 37 cl, $10.99 or 1 L $21.99.

Castelas extra virgin olive oil. A.O.C. Vallée des Beaux de Provence

These people really, *really* love olive oil. Expounding upon the terroir of their patch of Provence, the family-owned Castelas suggests tasting this oil as you would a fine wine. It smells of, freshly cut grass and the olives’ green fruitiness, typical of an oil extracted from freshly harvested fruit. On the palate, intense olive flavors develop into exquisite notes of raw artichoke and sweet almonds. On the finish, delicate sensations heightened by peppery aromas and an enlivening hint of freshness. Try a comparison between their signature oil and their ‘black fruit’ oil as well. The darker fruit is more earthy and stronger flavored, as it takes more of these olives to produce a bottle of oil. 500 ml $25.00, or 750 for $35.00.

Banyuls vinegar

Banyuls vinegar is like sherry wine vinegar’s more refined and delicate French cousin. Like Port and sherry wine, Banyuls is a fortified sweet wine. Made from grenache grown in and around Banyuls-sur-mer, Banyuls vinegar develops a walnut, coffee, licorice, and vanilla, flavor and aroma of fresh plums after being aged in wooden barrels for a minimum of five years. Like sherry wine vinegar, it makes a great vinaigrette, and mixes well with nut oils. Its natural sweetness also makes it an good choice for deglazing rich dishes like sautéed duck or foie gras. It can be difficult to find, but we have two kinds! a five year old, 500 ml bottle ($16.99) and a six year old, 750 ml bottle ($26.99).

Fusion Verjus

This vinegar alternative is made from vinifera grapes harvested and crushed in mid-summer when acid levels are high and sugar levels are low. This “must” remains unfermented and is delicately tart, refreshing, and versitile in cooking. Fusion vejus enjoys a natural affinity to wine. It has a milder, more wine-friendly acidity compared to vinegars, which actually helps to integrate the food and wine. Where you might be tempted to stick to fuller-bodied wines when cooking with vinegar, verjus allows a more delicate wine to retain its integrity when paired with a strongly flavored food. 750 ml bottle of Red- $13.99 or White- $15.99.


This week we got in some brand new salts and replenished our old favorites. I couldn’t quite fit them all on the plate, but I think you get the picture; fine regional, smoked, and flavored salts aren’t just tasty, they make visually stunning additions to your kitchen and table. Put them on display with an adorable salt pig like the one shown here($13.99), or in any suitable salt cellar. We pack them out ourselves for you, and prices range from $3.00-$7.00 for 2-4 ounces, varying by salt type.

In this picture:

Smoked Cherrywood sea salt

Raspberry Chipotle

Culinary grade Dead Sea Salt

French Harvest Blend Sea Salt

Saffron Sea Salt

Lime Sea Salt

Wakame Sea Weed Sea Salt

French Lavender

additionally, we carry:

truffle sea salt

porcini sea salt

fleur du sel

french grey salt

lemon sea salt

smoked gralic sea salt

garlic and onion sea salt

smoked alderwood sea salt


2003 Clos de Brusquieres $22.99

I know, I know, I keep talking to you about Chaeauneuf-du-pape. Call me obsessed, but we just got in the best deal I’ve seen through our doors yet, so I’ve got to gush.

To quote Robert Parker (who gives it 90 points), “The superb 2003 Chateauneuf-du-pape is a deep ruby color with a big, sweet, flamboyant nose of damp earth, ground pepper, kirsch liqueur, licorice, and spice box. It is dense, full-bodied with relatively elevated levels of glycerin, moderate tannin, and some noticeable alcohol in the heady, long finish”. This wine offers a rustic, burly palate, and is not for lovers of more polished, reserved wines!

Veuve Devienne rosé sec sparkling wine and Veuve Devienne brut sparkling wine $9.99

These sparklers are just plain fun. The white is light and refreshing with floral notes that stay away from being too sweet or gaudy. The rosé is juicier, with rhubarb and raspberry overtones. At this price, these are great sparklers to start off an evening out with friends or to bring to a larger gathering.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you soon!


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