The Paris Grocery
August 22, 2011

This week has me feeling deeply nostalgic. Fall is right around the corner and you can almost smell it some mornings, yet the week has been nothing but hot sunny days. It’s been the kind of week that makes you want to cling fiercely to the end of summer, and take full advantage of each of these warm evenings. One of the most delightful ways to do this is of course through good food, good wine, and good company. So this week I’d like to highlight some summer flavors you can find here at the Paris Grocery.


salade Niçoise: Ah, Nice. This time of August, many Parisians themselves are headed south to enjoy the sun and sea. Salade Niçoise is a perfect way to enjoy the fresh green beans and tomatoes that are in season right now with the salty kick of anchovies and olives. We also carry mussels al la Niçoise, which we think could really take one of these salads to the next level. For some great salade Niçoise recipes, look no further than our bookshelf. I’ve found at least four different recipes while hunting through the stacks, calling for everything from fresh seared Ahi tuna to jarred albacore (which we sell, conveniently, for $9.99). There seem to be endless variations on this classic and much loved salad, so feel free to get creative and try something new!




In this picture, we have Vinegar of Banyuls six-year wine vinegar- $26.99, Roland silver skinned anchovies- $2.99, Barral tiny black ‘nicoises’ olives- $12.99, and Huilerie D’Opio extra virgin olive oil- $33.00 (beret and moustache sold separately).


almond cake


Biscuiterie de Provence’s Delice de l’Amandier: George brought our attention this week tothis amazing flourless, gluten free almond cake. Light, moist, and irresistible, it makes a great afternoon tea treat, or a sweet dessert on a warm summer evening. Try it with a glass of rose and some fresh peaches or strawberries. Yum! $18.99



Le Picandou goat’s cheeses with Fig and Walnut Confit: These divine pasteurized goat’s milk cheeses have a lightly sweet yet sour taste. Incredibly soft-textured and fresh-tasting. $2.99 each. We’ve paired them with L’Epicurian’s fig and walnut confit, a deliciously simple spread of figs, sugar, white wine from Pays d’Oc, and walnuts. $8.59.



Idiazabal sheep’s cheese with Black Cherry Confit: If you’ve been in the shop in the last week, you may have noticed that we are now the home of all of the Spanish Table’s cheeses. We’re thrilled to have them, and this week we’re highlighting a traditional Basque favorite. It’s one of our favorites too, we’ve been sampling it all week! This farmhouse cheese is smoked over hawthorne or cherry wood, and is made with raw whole sheep’s milk for a robust and sharp flavor. $19.99/lb.  Try it with L’Epicurien’s black cherry confit to bring out the cherry-smoke flavors. $8.59.


And of course, an homage to the flavors of high summer couldn’t be complete without a few Rosés. Here are three favorites for the week!



2010 Domaine les Grands Bois “Cuvee le trois soeurs” Cotes du Rhone. $13.99

From Steve Tanzer: Bright, orange-tinged pink.  Raspberry and cherry aromas are complemented by notes of dried flowers and orange pith.  Broad and fleshy but surprisingly dry, with zesty citrus and red fruit flavors and a touch of anise.  Finishes with good cut and clarity, echoing the floral note.  This has the heft to work with rich foods but there’s no excess fat here.


2009 Clos Cibonne “Cuvee des Vignettes” Cotes de Provence. $27.99

This special and very limited cuvee comes from their oldest parcels which are over 70 years old and the wine is a bit more intense and full flavored than the younger vine bottling. It is 100% Tibouren and it’s also aged for a year in 500L foudres under the thin veil of flor. There is a tiny hint of oxidization in the wine as a result of the aging process, but the fruit is powerful and complex. If you think you’ve had all the great and interesting rosés in the world than it’s fairly safe to say your resume isn’t quite complete until you’ve tried this one!


Domaine Petit Sonnailler Vins de pays de Mediterranee. $9.99

 I took a bottle of this lovely rosé down to the beach to meet an old friend this week, and it really made the evening. It’s very light, almost white, but it has a zesty strawberry flavor. It’s a great price for what you get, and absolutely perfect for a warm summer day. Serve it with shellfish, or have it on its own as a zippy refreshment!


Well, that’s all for this week. I hope to see you all in the store, I’m really enjoying getting to know all of the wonderful regulars who stop by.


à plus tard!





Steve Winston and Sharon Baden

Owners, Paris Grocery




P.S. The Calissons here (almond-melon-orange rind-sweets) are revolutionary. $.99