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August 13, 2011
‘Allo, bonjour! It’s August at the Paris Grocery, and we have some great new things to introduce to you. For starters, there’s me! My name is Ellen, and I’m just starting out here at the store, falling in love with the cheeses and wines, and getting lost in the aisles of wonderful candies, olives, jams, pastas, and oh, so much more. I’ll be taking over from Rachel with the weekly newsletter, so I’ll be sharing with you my discoveries from the shelves as well as our newest acquisitions and deals.This week, we’re thrilled to announce a whole line of gadgets to enrich your fromage experience. From Boska Holland quality cheese tools, we’ve got everything from brie knives to fondue sets, raclettes to cheese curlers, and even a raclette barbeque! Take a look:

PG august 13 boska
true abundance (and this is only half)! In this picture, we have Boska’s rotary cheese grater, electric raclette, tapas fondue set, box grater, hand grater, and a lovely cheese tool gift box.

Okay, let’s talk raclette for a moment. Of course, the French would come up multiple ways to enjoy hot molten cheese. Like fondue, raclette is a method heating and eating cheese that shares its origins in Switzerland and France. Meaning literally ‘scraped’ (cheese is heated on metal and scraped directly onto your plate), this is a fabulous way to enjoy any good melting cheese. Using the mini raclette set, it can be a fun table show, or using Boska’s cheese barbeclette, it can be a way to bring French flair to a summer barbeque.

Although it’s true that many different cheeses can be enjoyed a la raclette or fondue, the Paris Grocery has stepped it up to bring you two choices of the most classic French melting cheese: Comté, and Comté de Fruitiere.

Comté: a french Gruyère made with raw Montbeliard cow’s milk and aged for a minimum of one year. Fruity, nutty, and beefy, with a delicious saline sweetness on the finish. It’s the quintessential cheese for croque monsiour and French onion soup, but it’s also a traditional flavor melted with potatoes, jambon and cornichons!

Comté de Fruitiere: a raw cow’s milk cheese from Jura is aged five months. This gives it a delicious fruit nectar aroma and a more delicate nuttiness than more aged comté. Almost sweet and bursting with flavors of fresh milk and butter.

So come in and try a taste comparison, or take both home to melt!

august 13 PG wine

Oh but of course, the wines.

2010 Les Perles “Piquepoul” Pays de l’hérault $7.99


Piquepoul means ‘lip stinger’ and this fresh, summery wine certainly delivers that- a zesty and fresh thirst quencher with a green apple and tropical fruit flavor. Enjoy it with some fresh shellfish from the market, or by itself as a refreshing early-evening drink. It’s a real catch at this price, so give it a try, we think you’ll be pleased.


2009 Chevalier du Moulin Bordeaux $10.99

This week’s brand new addition to our ‘Great Values under $13’ section, Chevalier du Moulin is a great bistro wine. With a red fruit start, baking spice flavors open up to a vanilla finish. One more reason we love it and want to share it with you this week- it pairs perfectly with our Comté!!

2009 Clos des Papes Chateauneuf du Pape $130.00


Next time you need a very special bottle, this could be it. The recipe is simple. The ingredients are great terroir, low yields, old vines, 65% Grenache, 20% Mourvedre, 10% Syrah, 5% Cinsault, Vaccarese, Counoise, Terret Noir, and 12-15 months in Foudre. The result is a seductive and forward wine with cherry on the nose, and notes of Moroccan spice. This should be a great drinking wine for the next 15+ years, and due to the extremely limited supply, we only have two bottles! So come on in and take one home, they might not be here for long. 92-95 points, Wine Advocate. 93-95 points, Stephen Tanzer.

Merci beaucoup for reading my first entry, and I’m excited to see you all soon in the shop!

Au revoir!



Steve Winston and Sharon Baden

Owners, Paris Grocery