These caramelized biscuits have been a cultural touchstone in Belgium since the Boone family began selling them out of their little red truck in 1932. The name in Belgium for these cookies is Speculoos, but in North America they are called Biscoff: a portmanteau combining “biscuit” and “coffee,” because the cookies are a wonderful accompaniment to coffee or espresso. Our customers have become quite obsessed with speculoos à tartiner, or, Biscoff spread. We sold out of our first shipment and have another one on the way. We think it’s a fantastic wintery snack to smear Biscoff on toast or bread along with a cup of warm coffee or tea. It tastes exactly like the biscuit: flavors of caramel and cinnamon and butter, and you can almost taste the crunchy layers as well. It’s the new Nutella!

Biscoff spread.