My earliest memories of cajeta are of a tangy cream tasting like burnt sugar spread between the folds of my mom’s homemade flour tortillas. A dessert quesadilla, if you will. It was delicious. I knew it was somehow different than the caramel sauce used for topping ice creams at my friends’ houses, but I had no idea it was made from goat’s milk. It was as wholly unrelated to those knobby little creatures as it was to the four-legged hunks of cabrito, split open and roasted at my dad’s favorite restaurant in Mexico. I may have a better sense of where my food comes from these days, but that has never lessened my enjoyment of it. And goat milk has become a little bit of an obsession. Many of my favorite cheeses are made from goat milk, so I was quite excited when we found someone importing Goat Milk and Roasted Buckwheat caramels from France. They quickly became a customer favorite, and sold out. Luckily, we were able to get another order in today, so we finally have an excuse to rave about them again and mention this clipping from the New York Times that Rachel’s been saving for the happy day when our Goat Milk Caramels came back to Paris Grocery. Unfortunately, the boxes are no longer stamped with a drawing of a distinctly bearded goat, but the flavor is just as delicious.