Just arrived today – Boujolais Nouveau!

2009 Pierre Chermette Beaujolais Primeur 2009 ($14.99) The ultimate Thanksgiving wine, this is not a soda pop-style Beaujolais! The Chermettes were among the pioneers of sustainable viticulture in the Beaujolais and their wines are made in a traditional way. Using natural yeasts and little or no fermentation, Chermette Beaujolais Primeur is a true expression of terroir. Serve it at Thanksgiving and lay down the leftover bottles; it improves with bottle age.

2009 Pierre-Marie Chermette Cuvée vieilles vignes Beaujolais ($17.99) From the Chermette’s oldest vineyard, this Beaujolais has concentrated strawberry and raspberry notes, with a hint of licorice. Fresh, and with a purity of fruit, it has elegance and finesse.


Herbs de Provence Fancy clay crocks from France to a plain-Jane but practical plastic tubs filled by our own deli staff as well as herbs de Provence flavored salts and vinegars.

D’Artagnan Duck bacon: ($9.99/8 oz) Uncured, smoky and lean, this sensational bacon will transform any dish. Drape strips of this bacon over a whole turkey and take Thanksgiving up a notch!


Savor Provence: A coffee table book inspired by Williams Sonoma. Gorgeous photos; great recipes. $21.99

The Provence Cookbook, Patricia Wells ($14.99): The first few times we were in Paris, we used Patricia Wells’ now out-of-print “Food Lover’s Paris” as our bible. Her words guided us into the wine bar where Trotsky drank (and where some still undusted bottles lingered on) and down to Poulaine’s basement bread ovens and to E. Dehillerin kitchen store. From covering the Paris beat for a newspaper, Patricia moved on to write a series of cookbooks and then moving to Provence.


Tomme du Segala is produced in small amounts in the city of Carmaux in southern France, this raw goat’s milk cheese has an elastic texture that crumbles slightly. The flavor has hints of olives and grass.

Tomme Crayeuse is a semi-soft raw cow’s milk cheese from the Savoie that undergoes two stages of cave-aging. The final, intensely rich flavor is earthy, with mushroom and citrus notes. Created by one of France’s top affineurs, Max Schmidhauser.

Crémeux de Bourgogne is a cow’s milk triple-crème cheese from a small family of producers in Burgundy. This pasteurized, bloomy-rind cheese has a dense texture and a rich flavor with hints of fresh butter.

Tomme de Savoie is a pleasant table cheese form the Savoie with a distinct raw milk flavor – beefy, hazel nutty and pleasantly milky. With approximately 30% fat content, this is the most creamy ‘low fat’ cheese available. Enjoy with liver-stoked pâtés and light red wines like Beaujolais.

Pavé de Jadis So named because of its shape: pavé is a small paving stone. This fresh goat’s milk cheese from the Loire Valley is dusted with vegetable ash and has a fudge-like texture. The taste is very clean, mild and lemony.