The Spanish Table’s newest venture, Paris Grocery, is opening tomorrow (Friday September 25th) at 1418 Western Avenue! A specialty wine and cheese shop with a French mood, Paris Grocery features French-style pâtés and charcuterie, over 40 authentic French cheeses,cheese fresh baguettes from Seattle’s Macrina Bakery and hand-selected wines for less than $30.00 per bottle from all regions of France. Paris Grocery also carries French mineral waters, French and Belgian beers and shelf groceries. And it’s conveniently located just 50 yards south of the Spanish Table on Western Avenue, making it easy to shop at both locations on the same trip!

Why France and why now? If we were prescient, we’d have known that the movie Julie and Julia would spawn enormous interest in French cooking . But Paris Grocery was really hatched during the economic bust last spring. Vacant storefronts were popping up around us like mushrooms after a fall rain. We thought it would be great to have another food shop on Western Avenue and, feeling optimistic one day, decided to open it ourselves.

Our love affair with Spain will never end, but we’ve always had a soft spot for France. We honeymooned in Paris and were absolutely captivated by the City of Light. We’ve returned to Paris many times and never tire of walking the streets until we drop, salivating at cheese shops, picnicking with families in the park and soaking up the history resonating from Middle-Ages architecture. Fortunately, whenever one is about to drop from exhaustion in Paris, there’s usually a wine bar handy with a great cheese plate. Our aim is to bring some of that experience to Seattle. Bon Appétit!